The adventure begins

I remember the first time I traveled out of the nation, it was one of the biggest trill i’ve ever experienced. At the plane I couldn’t but feel nervous, excited,  and many more emotions all in one singular rush. It truly was something else, looking over at the airplanes window, seeing the ocean and then finally seeing the shore of my new adventure. It was Italy, the beauty was incredible, the view, unbeatable. And when we finally landed, it was as if i was born looking at life within a black and white filter, and now, finally, all has become color, even brighter than ever. Before landing Italy, or even planning the trip, I was always intimidated from the land. I always thought the people would be closed, or more reserved. I couldn’t be more wrong. The people were incredible, even after no even ten minutes from meeting they start treating you like family.

They’re not only very hospitable but even rarely indifferent. Hundreds of local festivals take place across the country in any given day to celebrate a saint or a local harvest, including the daily domestic ritual of passeggiata, a collective evening stroll celebrated by the young and old alike in towns and villages across the country. If there is one special national characteristic Italians are known for, it’s that they know how to live life to the fullest. And the greetings, although it’s subtle, it reminds you of traditional, formal ways. A simple handshake with eye contact and a smile is made between strangers. It is improper to call someone by their first names unless invited to do so. Men and women dress formally when invited to business and social gatherings. Ties and suits are worn among men, while women tend to also dress simply but elegantly.

Truly something. The people, the views, oh the views. To the north, incredible, powerful, breathtaking mountains that touch the skies, everything tending to be traditional and powerful, the architecture, being sophisticated, every single brick nearly telling you a story. At times I would be walking down the streets to run errands or head to a project and I would stop and find myself truly mesmerized. And last but not least, I was amazed by the weather, it nearly always was different from one region to another, but it was never really hot, when the temperature was high you would rarely feel it, as the breeze compensated and well covered the heat. If you haven’t been, I would invite you to go, Italy was truly something!