B A H A M A S – Travel Blog:

Boarding from the cruise filled with the enthusiasm we head straight to the beach. The beach that we choose we had to go through the famous Atlantis resort. Over there we saw some huge fish tanks with many types of fishes inside. Walking a little further we saw some turtles in a pool that was only restricted to animals. The resort was very refined and clean. As soon as we get to the beach it exceeded my expectation. The color of the beach was crystal clear and pristine.

I thought to myself, this is paradise I never want to leave. We stayed at the beach for a while, trying to get out tan on and all of the sudden the hunger attacks. Eagerly we pack our bags and we get a taxi near the lobby area of the resort. We hop on the taxi and we told our driver that we want to try Nassau’s famous conch salad. Our driver looked at us with a smile and with enthusiasm said: “I know exactly where to take you”. Chit-chatting a little with our driver he told us that Bahamas motto is “To blessed to be stressed” I love it, the Bahamian people are so humble and nice. As we arrived we tip our driver and we told him that we will look for him when we are done eating. We go straight to the bar and order our conch salad and two Bahamian beers. Cherishing our view we realized this is what life is all about.