C O Z U M E L – Travel Blog:

Reaching our destiny, instantly we notice the dark clouds, strong winds, not ideal Cozumel weather but we keep our high spirits. Walking on the pier trying to make a decision on what we are going to do in this prominent island. The trip starts with a little browsing through boutiques and kiosk. The sales representatives giving us the special sale of the day as soon as we enter the stores, walking around we finally decide we want to get out of the touristic area and explore.

We are leaving the doors of the plaza near the pier where all the optimistic tourist are and I started to perceive the change of environment. The cars passing us by, the restaurants in the metropolitan area, all of a sudden confidence starts to fade away. We want to head back to the pier where it’s known the territory. As we enter the plaza again we start to get hungry and we decide to get some tacos and guacamole, when in Rome right? I am not just saying it to be cliché but those were the best tacos and guacamole ever. The fresh lime flavor on every bite mixed with cilantro and the salty guacamole all blended pretty well. The day was a tranquil one, no beaches, no crazy expeditions just walking, shopping and eating real exquisite Mexican food.