G R A N D C A N Y O N – Travel Blog:

The amazing state of Arizona, what not to love? the desert vibes, it’s picturesque looks, it’s unique no other place looks like this. I decided to do a Grand Canyon tour, I know so uncommon right? I get on this huge bus with pictures of the Grand Canyon on the outside. We traveled for a few hours, they provided lunch on the bus and we made one quick pit stop.

When we arrive at our terminus immediately we enter this barn, they have stands were you can take touristic western cowboy pictures as well. Walking around we see the horses, they look a little tired maybe because of the heat. We get back on the bus and we arrived at the most anticipated stop, the canyons. Immediately I get my camera out and start taking pictures left and right, selfies, different angles with the bright brown-orange canyons in the background. It can be very intimidating to walk close to the edge of the canyon one misstep can cost you your life. I decided to do the skywalk tour which is literally walking on top of a glass floor that hangs from one of the canyons. Another one for the books, another trip I won’t forget.