H A I T I – Traveling Around:

And there I was, in Labadee, Haiti out of all the places that I dream of going to Haiti was not on the top of my bucket list. But just goes to show that you cannot judge a country by what you hear or what you see on T.V because chances are that you are going to miss a lovely adventure. That’s what happened to me, I went on a cruise and one of the stops was Haiti and out of the three stops Haiti was the one that I least was looking forward to. But yet it turned out to be the one with the most beautiful beaches. As soon as I got a glimpse of Haiti I was eager to discover more. I saw they had a jet ski tour and thought I give it a shot.

At first, they put you in a room where you watch a video tutorial, then they teach you the basics of how to ride a jet ski. I was nervous the whole time, I was sweating, my heart was beating fast but as soon as I sat on the jet ski the nerves died off. The instructor was in her jet ski yelling and giving us guidelines before starting the expedition, she taught us basic sign language so everyone in the jet ski tour group can communicate with her. And there I was navigating through the coast of Labadee. Never have I seen such monstrous mountains so close to the beach, it was breathtaking and even godly in a way. The world is amazing and experiences like these make you a travel addict