J A M A I C A – A Paradise:

Arriving to Jamaica, all the vendors selling artisanal jewelries, the incredible smell of jerk chicken attack our senses. As we get closer to the people selling tours and expeditions, it seems like my boyfriend and I can’t make up our minds of what we want to do. Minutes pass and we finally choose to go to the Dunn’s River Fall near Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We hop on this tiny bus filled with vacationers all of them rocking their tan. The driver proceeds to start the tour as he guides us to the mountains and splendid beauty of this island.

After an hour and a half being cramped up on the bus, getting out and stretching feels nice. As we gather together in a group with the same tourist we rode with on the bus we proceed to walk towards the entrance to purchase our tickets. After that we find our tour guide and the fun begins. We hop into the river, at first, I was trying to juggle my two important task which were filming everything and making sure I don’t fall. But I managed, the water was as cold as it could get, filled with jungle vibes and the color green was on every sight. As soon as we climb to the top of the falls I feel instant reward and happiness. Tired and restless my boyfriend and I head towards the bus to begin our next adventure.