R U S S I A – Travel Blog:

When asked to write this I was asked, if I could classify Russia into one word, what would it be? History. The beautiful land everywhere you go, in every corner, there’s history. Art, literature, communist, religious and so much more different kinds of history in such a beautiful land. To me, the History was enough to sell me on it is the best trip I’ve ever taken, although I suppose that may have to do with my History degree and me truly loving History. But even if you weren’t too interested history, the beauty would truly sweep you off of your feet.

The beautiful land is needless to say, huge, and the upside of that is that there is a vast amount of untouched nature waiting to be discovered by travelers. By me, and maybe someday even you! I was fortunate enough to come in the winter time where it looks straight out of a fairytale, further out north I thankfully got to see a glimpse of the Northern lights! Truly wonderful, now yes, it’s cold but just get on a plane with a lot of jackets and I do mean A LOT. Come aboard and travel to the beautiful place that is Russia. You will not regret it!