S H A N G H A I – Travel Blog:

At first, it felt as if it wasn’t real. My parents have been talking about Shanghai since I was a child and now it’s finally here as a middle-aged man here for business but couldn’t help but thinking the trip was more on the pleasure end than the actual work! The first couple of days reality started to set and not much site seeing occurred as I only went to the hotel and to the office building where some meetings took place. As the week was coming to an end and my trip with it, I decided to use some of my vacation time and just stay instead of flying back home. I finally got to travel to the true Shanghai, where anything and everything is possible. Stopping first at Fuxing Park remembering what my father told me last time he came, where the park-side entertainment was taken to another level. Where a group of retired folks gathers for mid-afternoon karaoke, belting out Chinese tunes on a microphone as they scan a laptop for the lyrics and although I didn’t understand much of what they were saying. I know that the tunes were blaring and the lungs were humming! And I was not too far behind.


The true Shanghai is breathtaking, a little less of the whole office setting, listening to profit margins, risk mitigation procedures and blah, blah blah… No, even thinking of work drives shivers up my spine. The parks aren’t just beautiful, but the people are what truly makes it awe-inspiring the ballroom dancing, mornings and during weekends all over Shanghai, the city showing off its community spirit. And that’s what Shanghai is truly all about. Spirit. The spirit of the dancing no matter where, the spirit of the food, specifically the Di Shui Dong ribs, oh man, as I sit at my home office submitting this to The Learning Organization I can still taste the meaty, spicy, grab-on-with-both-hands goodness that was those ribs. Having the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and sour. I could spend hours speaking of the great Shanghai, I highly recommend going. The adventure, the experience, and the projects all around are truly mesmerizing and I’ll be there once again soon!