Hello and welcome to The Learning Organization. Our goal is to provide a venue for college and university professors to locate and negotiate short-term international teaching assignments anywhere in the world! Although our focus is short-term assignments, we also offer traditional long-term university, college, high-school and primary school assignments.

Short-term teaching assignments tend to be between 6 and 16 weeks, and depend heavily on the need of the particular school and the professors particular qualifications.

Generally speaking, different schools will look for professors with different levels of experience, again depending on their needs at that moment. The broader your portfolio of classes, and the more robust your reputation, the more attractive the teaching assignment that you may be offered.

As you navigate our website, please be sure to find and complete our online resume so that schools around the world can find you and make you an offer. Allowing the school to find the right professor makes the matching process more efficient and more effective.

There is never any cost or obligation for professors, our service will always be free. You may search for  jobs, complete a resume, or complete a job application with no obligation, and it might just be the start of an exciting new adventure.


Welcome!! At The Learning Organization we look forward to helping you meet your international program teaching requirements. Most universities around the world have some sort of international program, however, finding native-speaking full-time professors to fill these programs can be nearly impossible.

After you’ve created a school profile, you’ll have two ways to reach out to professors. First, you can post a job and wait for professors to find you (your job will  appear on major job search sites as well). We recommend that you make the posting and schedule flexible so as to  generate the greatest interest.

The second way is to to search our professor resume database for the discipline and experience level that you need. please note that only verified and qualified universities will have access to our professor database function.

The professors desire to travel, paired with your desire to provide quality instruction at an affordable price, means that you can get highly-qualified native-speaking foreign professors at an adjunct-professor price.

Our short-term, native-speaking, adjunct-professor concept is new to the market, and during our early growth phase, we are offering our services to schools for free. Generally speaking, you can expect our professors to teach between 6 to 16 weeks, and between 2 and 4 classes in their discipline.

As the hiring school, we ask that you be prepared to provide flight reimbursement and adjunct pay directly to the professor and provide them reasonable accommodations while they are teaching at your school.